Thursday, 24 December 2009

Breakfast, lunch or dinner: 'baked' ham, eggs and cheese

I eat this for lunch on holidays, because if it's a holiday I'll probably be too lazy to cook proper meals. This serves wonderfully for brunch around noon, keeping me full till late evening. At which point I order pizza for dinner :-)

Eggs--2 per person.
Ham ends (or just cut finely diced pieces off a slab)
Cheese--I use sharp cheddar.
Salt, pepper.
Oil/butter/bacon grease.

Heat about half a teaspoon of butter/oil/grease on a thick-bottomed pan (we use a cast iron skillet). Cut the ham ends in half and put them in . They will splutter a bit, so keep away. After a couple of minutes, when one side turns nicely brown, turn them and cook the other side.

Now place cheese slices on the ham slices. Cook on a low flame for a minute or two. The cheese should be nice and melty. Now break the eggs in the skillet. Tilt to spread them all over the pan. Using a fork, mess the yolks (actually, *I* like my yolks whole, but company demands otherwise). The whole thing should look like a massive fried egg.

Sprinkle oregano, flavoured salt and pepper on top. Cover the pan. Keep the flame alive for about half a minute more, and then turn it off. Keep the cover on for another couple of minutes. The egg, cheese and ham will be 'baked' together in the pan. This is why this recipe uses so little oil/butter. If you use a thin bottomed pan, however, the whole thing will char. So be careful.


Eat with toast, or by itself. With maybe a cup of hot chocolate :-)


eve's lungs said...

Do remember to check your cholesterol darling :p I find that oats stewed in boiling water with a pinch of salt makes an amazingly filling meal too !

therapy said...

oh delicious. i suddenly dropped by and had so much to read!

much admiration.

Rimi said...

Ruma mashi--arre dhur, cholesterol. Not with all the running around and walking uphill several times a day I have to do, I assure you!

TBJ--thanks much :-) In a way, it's all because of you.

Sue said...

This one looks good enough to eat!