Festive Bengali breakfast:
  • Hinger kochuri -- puris stuffed with asafoetida-seasoned biuli daal.
  • Daalpuri -- puris stuffed with flavoured chholar daal.
  • Koraishutir kochuri -- kochuri/puri with a lightly-flavoured green pea filling.
  • Aloo paratha -- parathas stuffed with seasoned potatoes.
  • Sattu paratha and tikka -- parathas with a sattu/chhatu filling, seasoned with pickle-oil, chopped onions, green chilies, and lime juice.

Light lunch, finger-food and in-betweeners:

Soups and salads:
  • Easy salad recipes -- I disapprove of salads. But if you must have it...
  • Tangy Green Sprout Salad -- sprouted gram/lentils in a yummy tangy dressing.
  • Versatile bean soup -- a lightly-spiced red kidney-bean soup, that can be with or without meat, thick or thin, hot or mild, depending on what you're in the mood for.
  • Daal makhni -- daal transformed into a thick, savoury, butter-flavoured soup. Red kidney-beans and chholar daal.
  • Mushur daal I -- lightly-flavoured thin red-lentil soup.
  • Mushur daal II --  mushur/masoor daal cooked with tomato and onions, bursting with flavour.

Rice and noodles:

Condiments and extras:
  • Mint chutney -- chutney made with mint leaves, coriander leaves, tamarind and green chilies.
  • Sweet tamarind pickle -- tamarind cooked in jaggery over slow heat, flavoured with ground spices for that extra kick.
  • Tangy-sweet Yogurt -- flavoured thick yogurt in a cup. Or a tall glass, if you like.
  • Hot chocolate -- the eternal winter favourite.