Quick Fixes

This is the grad-student recipe booklet, people. Or the domestically-untrained young professional away from home. Or the lazy lump who wants the easiest route to not starving =P  Take your pick. These recipes are easy, very quick, and actually utterly delectable. Give them a shot!

Meals (because even the rushed have to eat):

Quick Bites, or, Food on the Move: (in order of difficulty)
  • Cheese toast --Bread. Butter. Cheese.
  • Kitchen club (club sandwich) -- cheese, tomato, lettuce, and two kinds of meat. Yum!
  • Spicy roasted drumsticks (tangDi kababs) -- marinate. Shove in oven. Done.
  • Mushur daal -- red lentil soup with onions and tomatoes. Healthy, delicious, easy.
  • Fingerchips  (or French fries) -- fried potato by any other name tastes just as awesome! 
  • Indian toast -- savoury French toast (oh all right, you can pour sweet syrup over it).
  • Cheese pakora -- grated/sliced chedder whisked in a spicy egg-batter, and fried. Perfect with a cuppa.
  • Leftover samosas -- a divine way to use up those leftovers. Also perfect with a cuppa.