Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Creative Blogger

I've been told by the blogger who calls herself Sue that I'm a secwet creative soul. Hah. And she asked me to pass on the badge to five other people, and tell people a little bit about myself. Hah! So, first: people I personally know who are creative, who also have blogs I know of. Oddly, that limits the number to the only two people who comment semi-regularly on this blog: Dea and Nayantara. I do, of course, know plenty more people who are very creative indeed, I just don't know them personally, or if I do, I don't know if they blog. Ergo.

Titbits about me shall be updated once I'm done marking papers.


Sue said...

You're supposed to link, idiot, so I can check them out.

Finish your papers and write stuff, but I'm in no hurry, I'm off to a week's holiday in Guwahati tomorrow.

*twirls and vanishes in a burst of glitter*

therapy said...

Heh...so for this honour, one needs the abovementioned link.

This aloo matar recommended? I know you posted it, but it is a really yum dish? I'm not much of an aloo person but I like the gravy sometimes...

Rimi said...

You're not much of a aloo person? Nayantara, I look down my nose at you. The aloo matar dish is a complete yum, especially if you substitute creamy dahi for the milk. And, you do realise, you can substitute matar with paneer, or even with marinated meat. That is a recipe for simple Bengali mangsher jhol.

Sunny--see, the trouble is, these people's talents are manifest offline. Therapy is a theatre personality most talented and beauteous, and Dea has magic in her fingertips. She's a costumer/dressmaker/knitting lady par excellence.