Monday, 12 July 2010

A Day in the Life


A ham and cheese omlette with scallions, tomatoes, oregano and rosemary garnish. Served with bacon.


A chicken and BLT club, made with slicing through a chicken breast and then cutting them into large chunks, and frying them in bacon fat. With garden-picked lettuce and tomatoes, and shop-bought mayonnaise :P

Strawberry shortcake. Shop-bought dessert shells heated for five minutes at 450F, surrounded by chopped strawberries, topped with whipped cream and sugar.


therapy said...


Do a good fried chicken recipe no?

Rimi said...

A really good fried chicken needs a really good frier, which I don't have. But I'll post a fried prawn dinner we made the other night.

Dea-chan said...

That looks REALLY HEALTHY. Yeah. Love it!

Rimi said...

:D :D :D