Thursday, 4 August 2011

Break That Fast!

This is one of the most scrumptious and elaborate breakfasts I have had in ages! That is, not counting family Sundays, breakfasts with my ex, and that one time at Flury's.

Let me rephrase that. This is absolutely, totally, no-holds-barred, one of the most scrumptious and elaborate breakfasts I have made for myself in ages. And it's easy. Break an egg here, cut a few slices off a loaf there, chop some veggies, soften a pat of butter, and you're ready to face a lunch-less hyperactive day with all guns blazing.

Try it sometime, with fruits on the side. It's a fantastic incentive for early mornings.

Sautéed red onions and capsicum (bell pepper).

Plus tomatoes.

And sausages sliced down the middle.
Plus a dash of flavoured salt and your favourite kinds of chopped herb (fine without, too).

A piping-hot dish of sautéed sausage with vegetables.
Perfect for a hotdog, really.

Fried egg, sunny-side up. Hot buttered toast.

One baked potato (two minutes in the microwave).
With butter.

The spread.

The eating.

The drinking (image filched off the internet)

Aaaand, off to work! Break that fast in style, people!


Sue said...

Pork ham and fried onion pizza for dinner tonight. Leftovers in the fridge.


(That's my revenge for this post which will fill my horizons tomorrow morning when I will be hungry as hell and too lazy to do anything about it.)

Rimi said...

You're such an angel, Sunny x-(

Dea-chan said...

Holy cow Rimi that's'allotta food! (sorry had to break into some NY italian there) My breakfasts have been toast lately, as I need to eat down my freezer full of bread. Also I have NEVER thought of a baked potato for brekkie, and me being the Ukrainian Queen of Potatoes! We need to breakfast together when you're back on this side of the ocean.

Daisy said...

A breakfast to die for, and yet it wouldn't kill one to make it. Nandy, I love you more with each passing post, to misquote Mrs. Browning. :P