Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ilish Machh Bhaja

There is absolutely no artistry to this meal. You boil rice. You pick an ilish machh, preferably one with ilish-caviar, rub it with salt and a little turmeric paste, and deep-fry in mustard oil. Then you pour a generous helping of this rich, golden mustard oil, now flavoured with the rich aroma of ilish, on a steaming helping of boiled white rice. Break a green chili in it. And give yourself over to the flavours and fine bone for the next hour.

Terrible pictures, courtesy a truly awful Sony handycam. But terrible ilish pictures are still better than no ilish-picture at all :-)

Raw, red ilish


 Ilish-caviar :-)


Dea-chan said...

You and your love of fish. WEIRDO. :-P

Monidipa said...



Rimi said...

Dea-chan -- it's like you and potatoes. Ethnicity compels :P

Mandy, thank you :-)

eve's lungs said...

aah !