Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tangy Green Sprout Salad

Normally, I despise salads. Minus the dressing, they're utterly pointless and better suited to moo-cows than bipeds. However, I recently realised that the deliciously dressed sprouted grams sold at street corners -- all the chhola and moog in tangy lime or lemon juice -- can quite easily be called a salad, and for once I'd have a salad I could actually stomach.

So, here's what you do: first, soak green gram (gota moog) or chhola (small, hard chickpeas) overnight, or at least for eight hours. Then wrap them in a thin muslin or cotton cloth -- a large handkerchief should do it -- and hang the cloth in the kitchen, or any other warm place. Maybe your bedroom on a winter's night? Anyway, leave it to sprout for a day.

Whole green gram, post-sprouting.

Add chopped green (and red) chilies.

Then add chopped tomatoes and onions.

At this point, step back. Admire your handiwork. Then squeeze a lime over it. If that isn't tangy enough for you, squeeze two. Then add a little salt. Then add a few drops of mustard oil. This is usually enough dressing for me. However, for that extra kick, you might want to add a little aamchur (dried and powdered green mango), a little red chilli powder, a little dry-roasted, dry-ground coriander and cumin. Maybe a little more oil, if you like.

Then, mix it all up! And if you're really hungry, add a handful of muri or puffed wheaties to the mix, and eat it as masala muri. Yum yum! Not even the pickiest of health-obsessed eaters could possibly complain :-)


thalassa_mikra said...

Daroon! Ki shundor kaktaliyo byapar, aami o aaj shokaley eitai kheyechhi jolkhabarey!

Dea-chan said...

Ha, a woman who's blog I follow just posted Chicken Tikka Masala. I sent her on over here. :-P

Rimi said...

t_m -- that is *such* a coincidence! My old college-mate mentioned on FB that she made sprouted moog raita the same day :-)

Dea--who was it? Point me to her post!

Dea-chan said...

http://puginthekitchen.blogspot.com/ I'm too lazy to find the Chicken tikka masala one. You'll just have to deal with prima donna Dea this once. :-P

irrelevantbanter said...

I absolutely love this salad. I generally make it with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, some sweet corn and a dash of salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Simple does it. :)
I could live on this in summer.