Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hot Chocolate

Winter has just kicked in in Calcutta, with temperatures going as low as 13 degrees C. Yes! It will be snowing any minute now -- thirteen degrees centigrade, people!

All right, snigger if you must, you cold-winter types. But temps in the lower teens minus heating is far more miserable than a centrally heated -32F, and I speak from personal experience. And since chills outside are best combated with rugs, blankets and steaming beverages -- and since I lack the resources to make cider or stronger brews -- here's falling back on an old favourite: hot chocolate! Here goes the pictorial: 

Morde's 'Dark Chocolate Compound', best served uncooked, in chunks, with whipped cream. No, don't listen to me. This chocolate is meant entirely for cooking. Yes.

Nahoum's chocolate fudge. Made with dark chocolate, fresh cream, vanilla, and a little too much sugar.

This is what it looks like outside the packet.

Fudge and dark chocolate, all chopped up.

Heat water. When it bubbles, lower the heat and add the fudge and chocolate. Stir gently. 

Add a teaspoon of coffee. Because why the hell not? It's freezing outside! Your body wants to hibernate, but you know, there bills and chores and a job and things.

Fresh cream. You'll need it to sweeten the dark chocolate and coffee pot. This is also the point at which you add a little more sugar and vanilla if you like (the fudge was all the sugar I needed), and any spice you like to flavour your hot chocolate. I added a dash of cinnamon, and a little nutmeg.

And finally, bliss in a cuppa. 

For all you people who want to be shaved imitations of bears this season, but simply can't afford to: Show yourself this little love, and charge ahead. I'll be right behind you, with the leftover in my thermos flask. 

Much love, 

A cold and overworked me.


sudipta mandal said...

Just in time before i have my chocolate is exactly what the doc prescribed..A Turkey preparation will also do a lot good know christmas is around the corner :p

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