Sunday, 12 February 2012

Roshopuli II

 Puli :-)

After phulkopir shingara, roshopuli! This is the second -- and last, if the weather doesn't hold -- winter special on Sauce! this year, and a desser I make absolutely no effort to resist if I'm in Calcutta during winter. All my life, I've slurped down hearty, warm bowlfuls of it made by my mother and great aunt, but ever since I mastered this dish last year, I'm the family's Reigning Roshopuli Queen.

And this is my special recipe. Finally, I have a Special Rimi Recipe. Oh, the joy.

First, take five tablespoons of shuji/sooji/semolina. Soak in enough water to just submerge the shuji.

After ten or fifteen, you'll find the indiv. grains of shuji are slightly larger, having absorbed the water.
This is narkel-kora. What would be suitably expressive English for it? Shaved coconut? Excavated coconut?

 Anyway, scoop the shuji on it. It'll hold the shape of the bowl, which you can have fun mahsing up.

 And then! The star of the show -- khejur guRer patali! Jaggery lumps made from the sap of the date-palm.

 Mix it all up! By hand. By freshly-cleaned hands.

 Now, pour it all into a wok, on a simmering flame.At first, it'll stick frighteningly to the sides. Let your spatula divorce them, but don't worry too much -- it'll crumble on its own when it's done.


 Spread it thin on a plate and let it cool for a while. Then, take a tiny bit in your palm, and roll between both palms till it's a little ball.

 Keep at it till you have a platful. Like this. It's utterly yummy. But DON'T eat it right away! We have Plans.

NOTE: If you fancy extra work, you can put little bits of this mixture into rice-flour casings, like dumplings or momos.

 Now, take four or five small cardamoms.

 Smash 'em open.

 Boil about 500 gms of full-cream milk, with the cardamoms AND about four tablespoons of crushed guRer patali. Trust me, don't go overboard with the guR. You can always add some later if you want.

After about twenty minutes, scoop out the green shells and throw them away.

 Wait till the milk almost boils over, then simmer the pot. Scrap up the cream-leavings on the side of the pan.

Now, gently add the naru-like little guR-narkel puli. They'll sink straight away. Relax. They're supposed to.

After about ten minutes, they'll slowly rise to the surface. By this time, the milk will have reduced to a lovely, thick, creamy texture.

This is what the pulis look like after that good, long soak.

And this is what it looks like in a warm bow, all ready for your discerning tastebuds. And if you DO have discerning tastebuds, you'll be grateful. Very grateful :-)


Dea-chan said...

Hmm... this looks tasty, but I know T wouldn't be able to handle that much milk. :-( So when you come visit we'll make it and EAT IT ALL.

Sachinky said...

You took me back to my "Amma" in a second.

Dhana said...

yaa its so sweet to eat.........