Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Spicy French Toast with Warm Honey-Spinach Tofu Salad

I've just added the label "salads" to my blog, because ever since moving in my New Roomie M, my diet has begun to include a whole lot of salads. The man lives and dies by his straight-up meat with a salad on the side menus, and has taken it upon himself to convince me of the delights of grilled protein and "interesting" salads.

So are carbs off the kitchen then? Hell no! I shall cling to my rice and bread till my dying day, and no manly muscles will deprive me of my daily ration of flour, sugar and bhaat. So sometimes we compromise by having mashed potatoes at the side of our meat, at other times by coating the bread in protein. This is one such, a perfect summer and autumn lunch of warm garlic-tossed spinach and tofu/paneer salad dressed with honey, eaten sandwiched between slices of french toast. Here's the picturebook.

You know how to make Indian toast, I'm sure. If not, take a peek here. This needs to be made right before eating, so make the salad first.

In a saucepan, heat some sunflower or olive oil. Toss in chopped garlic. Let them fry till golden or brown.

Add cubed tofu/paneer. Toss lightly till they're coated in flavoured oil, and then add the spinach.

Cook the spinach with constant tossing on high. The high temp. prevents the leaves from stewing, and the tossing prevents the paneer from charring. When the spinach have lost their water and reduced, clear a little space in the pan, add a little more oil in it, and slide in the chopped tomato slices.

If you think you'd rather fry them by themselves and then toss them with the rest of the salad, you can do that too.

When a little cool, pour honey over the salad generously. Mix. Serve with freshly-made Indian toast. Eat sandwiched.


Pramurto Mukhopadhyay said...

Oh this looks yumm.

Do post some of the interesting salds.Would I be able to get these things(balsamic vinegar) in Mumbai?

Priyanka said...

Yes. Chain-stores like Haiko and Nature's Basket. Take a look at the nearest.

Rakhi said...

Loved this salad recipe. I just need to go get the tofu or paneer next time I do groceries.

Gimcracks Inc. said...

Hey Rimi miss you on this blog!please do write here more often.it is so comforting and feels like home with all the wafting aromas of good food:)

HijiBijBij said...

i live on french toast,i have had all kinds, regular, sweet, with honey, with cheese but this one looks even better...cant wait to try this.

Kitchen chimney India said...

Salad is one of my favorite foods, any food is incomplete without it.

kitchen chimney India said...

Salad is very nutritious and tasty food. I like your post

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