Sunday, 1 March 2015

Chochchori Recipe for Facebook Buddies

Chochchori recipe for TP, and everyone else that's interested.

 1. Keep orange mushur/masoor dal bori/waris fried at hand.

 2. Peel and cut three large potatoes and cut into thickish wedges. Dice peeled and de-seeded pumpkin into half an inch thick pieces. Cube unpeeled brinjal/aubergine/eggplant.

 3. Fry thickly-sliced potato and pumpkin till golden. Drain and reserve

 4. Rub small cubes of brinjal with salt, sugar and turmeric, and fry till brown.

 5. Chop spinach - or stalks and leaves of cauliflower, for preference - and fry on medium till all the water evaporates.

 6. Add a teaspoon of paNch foron. Wait till you smell the mouri/saunf roasting

 7. Add the rest of the vegetables, salt and a little sugar, and the fried wari/bori. Toss for five minutes on medium and taste.

 8. Add half a cup of water. Simmer covered. When done, if there's still some water left, dry it out while tossing the chochchori gently. Done! Serve with hot thin mushur/masoor/red lentil dal, or slightly thick moog/moong daal :-)


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