Saturday, 29 May 2010

Towards a Healthier Ramen

Comparing the ingredients of the Indian Ramen, Maggi, to the Asian varieties available in the all-powerful American supermarket chains (Shaw's, in this case), I noticed that the latter is ever so slightly better, depsite the high concentration of salt, starch, and monosodium glutamate (ajinamoto). On the other hand, they are wayyy blander than Maggi, and therefore make eating a chore. And I'm not at home to the concept that eating should be anything but a lot of fun. So here's my recipe, for a new and improved Ramen.

Two packets of Ramen noodles (neutral flavours, like beef or chicken)
Carrots--peeled and diced.
Onion (large, 1/4; medium, 1/2)--chopped.
Green beans (sheem) -- ends cut off, diced.
Cauliflower--cut into tiny florets.
Celery, water chestnuts--cut into semicircles.
Pork/chicken--chopped into tiny pieces, minus fat.
Garlic, a clove or two -- crushed or at least minced.
Oil (canola/sessame/sunflower).
Salt, pepper, dash of sugar.
Green chillies (optional)

None of the veggies are mandatory. Use what vegetables and meat scraps you have left.

How to:

In a deep saucepan, heat about a tablespoon of oil. When the oil's hot, lower the flame and drop in the hard vegetables (carrots, beans, cauliflowers, water chestnuts) and meat. Stir-fry till they change colour and start smelling fried. The cauliflowers need more stirring, since they take more time to take on the brownish-golden fried colour. Now add the onions, adding a little more oil if needed (and garlic, if using). When the onions change colour and you can smell the frying garlic, add one packet of Ramen seasoning. Mix well with the veggies for about half a minute, then add about three cups of water (the vegetables will need cooking).

When the water starts boiling, drop the noodles. Let cook till they soften and separate in strands. Season with salt, lots of ground pepper, and a little bit of sugar. Mix well. Cook till the noodles till done. Now add the second packet of seasoning and stir in well. Keep cooking till the noodle soup reaches desired consistency.


Dea-chan said...

I love making ramen better. When I was in high school, I'd throw frozen veggies and some form of meat into the broth -- although I'd make it even blander by putting more water in! It was too salty for me otherwise. :-P

Dea-chan said...

did you get my email about tea?

neha said...

I like your blog Rimi. :) Especially the bengali poppy seeds potatoes recipe earlier on the blog! Keep it up! Adding you to my blogroll!