Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Leftover Dumplings

To make this short: Weather murderous. Heat, torturous. Laptop, hot and radiating. Fan: full-speed, ineffective. Self: baking, sweating, wishing for a pool. Will let pictures do the talking. Wouldn't have posted at all, except this is so wonderfully delicious, it's positively mean not to share :-)

Leftover chicken from a tikka butter masala, and home-made chicken curry. Leftover roast chicken works fine too. As does leftover paneer, for folks who prefer a vegetarian platter :-)

Mash them in a mixie/food processor with green chilies, 2 small/1 large onion(s), pieces of giner, salt, crushed black pepper, half a teaspoon of cumin and coriander powder, and a touch of sugar.

Mix it with about a tablespoon of soya sauce (a little more if you're working with more than a small bowl of chicken). Chopped scallions are very nice in this mix, too.

Now, make dumplings with the mixture above as directed here. This pic above is the last stage of dumpling-making: boiling them thrice in a deep wok of water.

 Steamed dumplings are delicious on their own, of course...

But I like some of mine deep-fried. Even in this heat, yes. So I deep-fry them in a small iron wok, which allows me to achieve the 'deep' in the fry with far less oil than I would need to use in a larger, more broad-based wok.

Tricks of the trade, children. Tricks of the trade.

And finally, crispy-fried leftover-chicken dumplings. So utterly yum, in any weather you can throw at it. Give it a shot, people. You're welcome :-)


Daisy said...

Utterly delicious looking, and shall bookmark this for a hungry winter evening, with the taking of tea :-)

Have decided to survive summer swirling chilled mango shake over the tastebuds and tonsils.

Rimi said...

Mango shake. I approve. *nods*