Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Watermelon Dessert Cocktail

I made this sauce for noboborsho, which was nearly two months ago today. The watermelons were red and sweet and juicy back then, not anaemic and ridiculously watered-down like they're now. Complete waste of my meagre fruit-budget this week, I can tell you. So unless you can guarantee sweet watermelons (or, of course, unless you're happy to pour several cups of sugar into your fruit-sauce) you must resist all temptations -- and it will be tempting! -- of making this lovely cocktail/mocktail/dessert-condiment.

And with dire warnings thus disposed of... here comes the sauce, doo doo doo doo!

It's quite a bit of an all right, even if I say so myself.

Skin and dice the watermelon, and scoop out the white and brown seeds.

Put in a few ice cubes in the mixie/blender/hand-blending pot if you want to serve this immediately (to, primarily, yourself), and haven't the time or patience for freezing.

Add two cups of curd/yogurt, in my case, home-made from full-cream milk. If you must, add a tablespoon of sugar. Definitely add half a teaspoon of salt.

Now add the skinned, diced and deseeded watermelon. If you were making a smoothie, I'd say also add half a cup of water. However, watermelon is quite high on water-content itself, and you need this blended thick.

All blended!

Oh, and: this is very very good with a generous dash of your favourite liquer (vanilla liqueur is a good match for this one). "A yogurt-based fruity cocktail?", you're probably thinking. "No, thank you. Ew". But if you like lassis and milshakes and smoothies, and you're old enough to drink without putting me in prison for suggesting it, try this. And you'll never go back :-)  Especially since a milk or yogurt based cocktail gives you a lovely buzz, while minimising the less savoury effects of alcohol. It's true. A doctor told me so.

You can, of course, drink your watermelon cocktail/smoothie.

However, it was the New Year's, and we'd been gifted a whole box of 'diabetes shondesh' -- those sugar-free blocks of cottage-cheese garnished with split pistachios?

 So, what you do is, you pour a generous amount of this thick, hopefully alcoholic cocktail on the shondesh, garnish it with watermelon julienne, refridgerate for an hour, and serve. 

As you can probably see, however, I didn't bother with julienning. I hacked at my leftover watermelon till it was small enough to garnish with, and sprinkled it over. When faced with ease and aesthetics in food, always pick ease.

 Yum yum, everybody! Make the most of this summer's few delights :-)


Carole said...

Hey, this is just great. I have been hosting a series called Food on Friday which features a different food or ingredient each time. This week, for fun, we are doing cocktails and mocktails. If you would like to link this in – this is the link Food on Friday

Dea-chan said...

Oh I have sent you a venting email. Ye gods do I wish you were here. I need your no nonsense attitude.