Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I give up.

If I wait till I remember to take pictures, I will never post another recipe. From now on, all recipes--unless I desire otherwise--will be picture-free.


Dea-chan said...

Heh... what usually seems to happen is that people who have the regular food blogs (and the gods bless 'em!) have made the meal a zillion times, and then PLAN that they're going to make it.

Just noting. :-P

Nayantara said...

Try to put photos, no. If not, just post and put later.

Rimi said...

Dea--you've nailed it. And given the conditiongs I live in, I don't actually get the chance to cook much, do I? Hence, no photo ops.

Love your profile pic, btw :D

Nayantara--will, but re. restrictions on pics, see above. I live with a woman who lives just beyond the borders of normalcy and exercises proprietorial rights over the kitchen.