Monday, 22 February 2010

Rounded Fingerchips, or, The Perfect Homefries

I had breakfast at the Arlington Diner a few days bac, and while everything else was all right, the homefries were terrible. Just because they're potatoes fried in a regular domestic environment and not in commercial french fry makers doesn't give them the leeway to be a oily, droopy mess. After all, we made and had the perfect crisp-outside-succulent-within fingerchips long before 'french fries' colonised the concept of deep-fried strips of potatoes. And also, possibly, our arteries, if this cute little pinky child is to be believed:

So here's how to make yourself a decent plate of fries at home, without killing yourself and without shelling out four dollars at a breakfast place. Let's face it, four dollars will buy you a bag of potatoes that will keep you in fingerchips (or fries) for a long, long time.

Potatoes (red bliss for this batch, but I use any kind of potatoes I can lay my hands on).
Flavoured salt, pepper.
Oregano, chillie flakes, parmesan (optional).
Oil (canola, vegetable, sunflower).

How to:

Chop potatoes. Boil potatoes till almost done. Fry in a cast iron/non-stick skillet, to minimise use of oil. Take care to separate each slice and turn them occasionally so both sides of each slice are well fried. Yes, I'm obsessive. Which is why I make damn fine fingerchips. Or fries. Sprinkle salt'npepper and spices. Give a final stir. Drain on kitchen towels. Serve. Maybe with parmesan on top.

Potatoes in the water.

Boiling potatoes!

Potatoes being drained.

Prettily arranged on a smokin' skillet.

Salt n' pepper.




My share, after three minutes.

My friend and dinner guest's share (for dinner recipe, see here)


Dea-chan said...


You make the Ukrainian in me hungry! :-P ... not that it takes much to make me hungry ever...

Rimi said...

And aren't you lucky it doesn't show on you? :P