Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Easy Peasy

Clearly, I love food. And clearly, I enjoy small amounts of cooking, interspered with large amounts of being cooked for. Unfortunately, however, I have a conscience, and when someone cooks for me five nights in a row, I tend to feel squirmy with guilt right behind my navel. So yesterday, I rolled up my sleeves and decided I would make a pale imitation of mutton biryani--not that my dinner companion would know the difference, bless him--right from scratch. Anyway, long story short, never read a thriller with food in the oven, and this is what we had for dinner.

Unbleached bread dipped in olive oil, flavoured with shredded romano cheese, crushed garlic and dry red chilies (or chillie flakes).

Main course: a ham and cheese omlette, that is missing from the pictures.

Dessert: a banana split, with a banana, a scoop each of chocolate chip mint and neapolitan ice-cream, with caramel + chocolate sauce, whipped cream and chopped walnuts. The whole thing took less than about 20 minutes to make, cost approximately three dollars (which is less than half of microwaveable meals), and was utterly delicious. Every time we 'cook' such perfect meals at home, I wonder all over why I insist on take-out so often. Laziness. Must. Be. Stopped.


Dea-chan said...

I always want to eat out with Ted. And guess how many meals I eat with him?

Rimi said...

Yeah, I know the feeling. It's just that he's is such a good cook, and he knows how to compose meals. I feel bad dragging him out to extra-spicy, extra-greasy food he doesn't really like :(