Friday, 16 April 2010

15 Minute "Indian" Stir-Fry

It's delicious and "very Indian", I'm told, AND it's dead simple to make.

Meat--cut into thin or small pieces so they can cook quickly.
Prawns, shelled and tailed.
Red onions--chopped.
Green chillies--chopped.
Potatoes--sliced like meat.
Garam masala powder (cloves, cardamom, cinnamon at least, fresh-ground).
Red chillie powder OR chopped dry red chillies.
Coriander and cumin powder--2:1.
Pinch of turmeric.
Salt, sugar.
Whole milk (I used coconut milk).

Heat oil in a wok. Toss in the potatoes and keep tossing them gently till they're more or less evenly browned. When they are, add the onions and keep folding in till they start smelling fried and sweet. When they change colour, add green chillies and give a couple of stires before adding the prawns or the meat. Stir well, about one minute on low flame for the shrimp and three to five on high for the meat. Add tomatoes and stir, strong-wristed, so the tomatoes will disintegrate. Add coriander, cumin, red chillie powder/paste, salt. Mix well. Add half a cup of milk and stir in. Add a cup of water. Taste sweetness and add a dash of sugar if required (and salt). Cover and cook till potatoes are soft and the gravy reduces to a desired thickness. Tomatoes can be added at this point if you want a more tangy gravy. Springle garam masala powder on top. Serve with white rice or roti/naan/poori/fulka.


Dea-chan said...

I think its the saucy-ness at the end that makes it so damn Indian -- Man, I feel like even my stir-fries proclaim me American, because what I think of as "stir-fry" is typical. Y'know?

Rimi said...

Yeah, I see what you mean. And I'd love to have you over for new years, but cooking at my place is, well, y'know? And your place... well, I'm not comfy there. Bit of a Catch 22 :-(

Dea-chan said...

Man, I always forget about that!

... the girl who's apartment I want to move into has stopped answering my calls/emails... :-(