Thursday, 15 April 2010

Shubho Noboborsho

Celebrating the Bengali New Year all by myself could actually have been a different kind of fun, had I not had a cripplingly aching neck 'n shoulder. Normally, I'd have retired to bed and not left it for the day, but frozen shoulders are tricky things. Sometimes, like this time, lying down excaberates the problem, apparently because we put more pressure on some parts of our back while we're on it, rather than when we're standing or sitting up straight.

This being the case, and it already being New Years in the mother country, I spent the compulsory standing-up by cooking myself a proper five course new year's meal. Of course, I cut corners. But, I think you'll find, not too many :-) Here's a photo-summary of the meal, and recipes of each of the things prepared will follow ASAP. In the meanwhile, shubho noboborsho. Boishakh jaeno shiggiri kalboishakhi niye aashe.

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Dea-chan said...

Dude -- you could have been like "wanna celebrate new years?" I'd have been like "sounds awesome!"