Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pasta in Prawn-Tomato Sauce

This recipe comes about because I don't like meatballs in my pasta sauce. On the other hand, I love prawns. The meatball thing is odd, when you consider how much I like tikkas in gravy, because "meatballs in sauce" is essentially what they are, but there you are. Perhaps I'm so used to meatballesque things being in spicy, hot, rich, greasy gravies that I cannot stomach them in sweet, tangy, tomatoey sauce. Oh well.

White RAW prawns--about two per head.
Red onions--chopped as shown.
Green chillies--ditto.
Crushed tomatoes--abt. half a tin.
Dash of: oregano, basil, dill leaves.
Salt, sugar, pepper.
Pasta--prepped according to instructions.

NOTE: Use uncooked, raw prawns/shrimp if you want this recipe to work. I cannot stand frozen 'cooked' prawns, and cannot understand people who do. "Cocktail shrimp", my foot. Why anyone would think serving shop-bought, steamed, flavourless shrimp with cocktails is better than golden-fried or batter-fried or breaded-and-baked prawns, I will never understand.

This recipe is so simple one can cook simply by looking at the pictures. It comes in two parts, one in which I make a more or less traditional sauce to pour over pasta, and another in which I toss the pasta in with the sauce over a flame. I prefer the second way, but the partner prefers the first, so here are both picture-sequences.

Intervention #1: there is crushed, frying garlic under all that onion. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Intervention #2: this is the point in which the oregano, basil and dill leaves get added and tossed about for a minute or two.

And this is doing it my way, or a way to use up the extra sauce that inevitably gets left behind after a pasta meal.


More Than Gourmet said...

Looks delicious! If you like tomato sauces, try mixing it up with this recipe for Sicilian Tomato Pesto Fish Sauce with Spaghetti:

Dhruva said...

I love meatballs. And they are nothing like tikkas. But meatballs do not go well with everything. For example, Subway makes a meatball nightmare sub. Can you imagine biting into one of those, spewing meatballs all over the place?